6 Steps to a Winter HVAC Inspection

Your HVAC unit is working hard to fight off the cold winter temperatures and keep your home warm. Any of the parts inside of the unit can give out at any time, causing the unit to malfunction or break down. Regular preventative maintenance is the key to prolonging the life expectancy of your unit. Each month, perform the six steps below to keep your unit working its best. Be sure to also schedule an annual preventative maintenance check/service from one of the great hvac companies houston tx to further prolong the unit’s efficiency.

1- Change the Filters

Monthly air filter changes keep the air quality in the home up to par, preventing allergies, breathing problems, and other concerns. It also ensures the HVAC unit is putting out the right amount of heat and that your energy costs are low.

2- Inspect Registers & Grilles

Make sure that they’re not blocked off or that they’ve not been shut. This can easily happen but it causes big problems. So, don’t let this happen and correct the problem now.

3- Move Items From Around the Vents

Move carpet, rugs, furniture, and other items away from the vents. Verify they’ve not closed during the season. Blocked ducts can cause the unit to work harder, resulting in more expense and harder work on the unit.

4- Check the Smoke Detectors

Use the ‘test’ button on the smoke detector to ensure that it is working each month. Replace the batteries on a monthly basis as well, just to be safe.

5- Clear Vents

Blocking the vents around the HVAC unit may cause carbon monoxide to seep back inside the home, where it can be deadly. Avoid this risk by ensuring that the vents are clear at all times. Also be sure that fresh intake piping is clear.

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6- Keep Area Around HVAC Equipment Clear

Never store items near the HVAC unit. It is dangerous as they may cause the unit to catch fire. This is especially true for combustible items such as gasoline or paint.